This new People in the fresh new Federal Set-up for theMountainProvinceshall be select just like the tends to be provided with laws

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This new People in the fresh new Federal Set-up for theMountainProvinceshall be select just like the tends to be provided with laws

Part step one. The first election of the officers provided in this Constitution and you can brand new inauguration of the Bodies of your own Commonwealth of the Philippines shall happen as given in public areas Work Numbered One hundred and you may twenty-eight of Congress of You, acknowledged February twenty-five, nineteen hundred or so and thirty-four.


2. The guidelines of your Philippine Countries will keep in force up to this new inauguration of your Commonwealth of your own Philippines; afterwards, like laws shall are nevertheless medical, unless of course inconsistent using this Constitution, until revised, altered, changed, otherwise repealed by the Federal Installation, and all sorts of records in such rules into Bodies or authorities of the Philippine Countries can be construed, inside the in terms of appropriate, to mention on the Authorities and you will corresponding officials significantly less than this Constitution.

All courts existing during brand new adoption for the Structure should remain and exercise their jurisdiction, up to if not provided by law according to this Composition, and all of times, civil and violent, pending in the told you courts, is going to be heard, experimented with and determined under the rules following in force

cuatro. The officers and you will teams regarding present Bodies of the Philippine Countries should keep for the work environment till the Federal Installation should give if not, however, most of the officials whose visits try through this Composition vested from inside the the President should vacate the respective organizations abreast of the latest appointment and you can degree of the successors, if the including appointment is established in this a time period of 1 year about big date of your own inauguration of your Commonwealth of your own Philippines.

5. Brand new voters from municipalities and you will municipal districts earlier belonging to an effective special state and then forming section of normal provinces shall choose regarding election to own Members of new Federal Set up in such districts while the may be provided with laws.

six. The newest arrangements of this Composition, except men and women in this article and also in Post V, and those and that refer to the election online title loans Florida and you can official certification of officials to-be decided below so it Composition, will perhaps not begin working before the inauguration of one’s Commonwealth out-of the newest Philippines.

(1) The house or property rights of your Us in addition to Philippines shall become timely modified and you will paid, and all sorts of established assets rights off residents otherwise providers of All of us can be approved, known, and you can covered into exact same the total amount given that assets liberties of citizens of one’s Philippines.

(2) The new authorities elected and you can serving less than so it Composition can be constitutional officers of your totally free and you can separate bodies of the Philippines and you can competent to mode in all respects as if selected physically less than eg Government, and shall serve its full regards to office just like the prescribed in that it Constitution.

(3) This new debts and you can debts of your Philippines, its provinces, metropolises, municipalities, and you will instrumentalities, and this will be good and you will subsisting at the time of the fresh new final and over detachment of your sovereignty of your own Us, would be assumed because of the totally free and you may separate government of your Philippines; and you can in which bonds was provided not as much as expert of an operate from Congress of your own Us by Philippine Isles, otherwise any province, urban area, otherwise municipality therein, the federal government of Philippines could make adequate provision into the called for money on payment of great interest and you will dominating, and you can like financial obligation is a primary lien towards most of the taxation gathered.

(4) The us government of the Philippines usually assume the continued personal debt out-of the usa within the Pact out of Serenity withSpainceding the newest Philippine Islands into Us.

Section 1. The us government built by this Constitution shall be referred to as Commonwealth of the Philippines. Abreast of the past and you may complete withdrawal of your sovereignty of the United states together with proclamation off Philippine freedom, new Commonwealth of your Philippines should thenceforth end up being referred to as Republic of your Philippines.